Welcome to the Service Department of Terebonne Mitsubishi.

If you need to have your wheel alignment checked, we offer you this service with our 3D alignment system. A bad wheel alignment is the first cause of tire wear.

Terebonne Mitsubishi also offers the Aquapel treatment for your windshield.

Life can be full of surprises, and not only good ones. You return to your car and find a dent in your fender, or a damaged bumper… Don’t fret! Here in Terebonne Mitsubishi, we have a detailing expert who will take care of it.

The on-board computer of your Mitsubishi requires an update? Schedule an appointment with one of our technicians.

Our Service Department will ensure a personalized service, savvy staff and competitive pricing. After all, who else can take better care of your car than the ones who built it?

In our workshop, we use a cutting-edge equipment, because we strive to keep you satisfied. This is our formula for happy customers.

Combine all this, and you’ll be guaranteed to get first-class customer service at Terebonne Mitsubishi.